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Oščadnica – Veľká Rača

The modern ski resort of Snow Paradise, Velka Raca is known for its fantastic ski conditions. Here you will find three interconnected valleys – Dedovka, Marguška and Laliky with more than 14.5 km of ski slopes, 3 cable cars and further chair lifts. Evening skiing is a must as well as a 1.3 km bobsleigh run with ski hire and ski service.

The whole area around Oscadnica is of particular interest to cross-country skiers, ski alpinists and sledging.

Ski bus service in the village is available free of charge.



Other activities

Where 3 countries meet – Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland

Museum of a local village in the Kysuca region

Slovak Bethlehem – in the village of Rajecka Lesnaý_betlehem

Radola castle–katief-radofa

The valley of Dedovka – bobsleigh, children’s rope walk, trampoline, mountain biking and aqua zorbing

Hiking – footpath to Velka Raca

Velka Raca is the highest peak in the Kysucke Beskydy mountain range at 1235 metres above sea level. A large part of this mountain range was declared a national nature reserve in 1976. The reason for the declaration was to preserve the remnants of an ancient rainforest where some cavern phenomena were found (Small and Large rock hollows), the only ones found in this region. Across the peak of the range runs the border with Poland. Immediately beyond the border begins the winter and summer sports resort.

Kúpele Rajecké Teplice – Afrodita

Rajecke Teplice – a spa town located in the Zilina region. The natural thermal curative spas in this town are amongst the most famous and most alluring in Slovakia.

Calvary and church in Oscadnica

Staskov – A famous Slovak actor – Jozef Kroner and his birthplace

Catholic church – Zivcakova Turzovka

Tourist trails – Terchova Janosikove Diery

Janosikove Diery or just Diery is a set of cliffs, crevices and canyons in the mountain range of Mala Fatra. They are located in the National Nature Reserve of Rozsutec. They are formed of three integral parts: the Lower Holes, New Holes and Upper Holes. The stream that runs through these holes had formed them. There are more than 20 waterfalls along the route of the holes. Together they form the waterfall – Vodopady Dieroveho potoka. Bizarre rock formations are home to many interesting plants and insects only found in these specific environmental conditions.ánošíkove diery

Slovak Astronomical Clock

The first astrological clock in Slovakia was built in Stara Bystrica. It is the largest wooden structure of this type in Slovakia. The overall composition was designed to illustrate a seated Madonna, our Lady of Sorrows – patron of Slovakia. – neviem ci som tu ‘sedembolestnu’ dobre prelozila!